Voice Tracking

Herewith an excerpt from a previous discussion:

[b]Torben said some time ago:[/b] 3) To be honest, I'm not a big fan of voice tracking. (To put it simple: If you want your show to sound "live" to the listener, then do it live, or "live on tape".) So adding support for this is not at the top of my to-do list. Raduga-like automation and fading and even more accurate fading is already possible by the means of the various cue positions which mAirList can use. But there is no pre-listening function or such. Give me a good reason why voice tracking might be useful, and I might reconsider this ;)
I raise this issue again in the interests of further discussion. Incidentally my reasoning behind the request was:
Reply: I am involved in teaching school students how to use automation systems (Zararadio, Simian, etc.,) and we have a requirement to encourage them to pre plan as much as possible. Voice tracking allows a greater degree of perfection, but I also agree, being a broadcaster of 32 years, the idea of voice tracking is just another product of dehumanising a wonderfully creative industry. That said, the fact that your automation project is so customisable, it may form the basis of my tutoring because of it's adaptability, and customisation. In the "real" world of broadcasting, I need to be cognisant of the fact that the industry is becoming more and more a means of producing revenue first, and providing employment and a creative outlet, second, in New Zealand where we are almost totally deregulated, I am sad to report.

I’m afraid, I wont be able to implement a pre-listen function for the upcoming 2.0 release (the feature set will be frozen shortly). But lateron, it might become interesting.