voice tracking over the internet

Small question on voice tracking over the internet.

We get the database and playlists at home.
We can record the voicetrack and cue the voicetrack at home.
Voicetracks are savec in a differend folder on the pc at home.

How do you get the voicetracks on the on air pc?
What is the step I’m missing?


Nobody? :frowning:

Will add another question to this post.
When you add voicetracks from home where do you need to same the playlist?
Just save it? Or do you need to copie it back to the onair pc?

Using mAirListDB Server?


When you VT inside the database app, the Import Files dialog should pop up after you close the VT dialog, prompting you to upload the voice track into the database.

Okay they have been on it the whole weekend and don’t seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Does anybody has a somehow how to document on hwo to voicetrack using de database?

We see the playlist at home.
We can hear both of the tracks.
We can record and save our voietrack.

We just doesn’t seem to get them on the onair pc.
The playlist updates like it should.
Just getting the MP3 track back is somehow a tricky thing …
(and now all you guys will see that it’s something realy stupid that we have missed :stuck_out_tongue: )


Sorry, sometimes I happen to be busy (with the family) on weekends as well.

You mentioned in your e-mail that you see the “green checkmark” in the file import dialog that appears after VT. There should be a message saying “OK, ID: xxx” next to it. When you look up that ID in the DB Library, will you find the voice track?


we get this (attached screendump).


Please report the exact versions (including build number) of the server and client.

studio Version 5.3 beta Build 3125

home Version 5.3 beta Build 3126

second try pc home Version 5.3 beta Build 3127

Can you check if there are any errors in the Database Server log when you upload/import a file? For the “POST /files/” call.


think we found something (at least we got something working).
Attached is the difference between the setting we used.

Can you enlighten if this can be the source?

found it.doc (461 KB)

Thanks, I will have a look. The “Import Settings” dialog is new in v5.3 beta, there might be a bug.

If I may add some comments…

Might be a good idea that the setting are saved and it doesn’t need to be reselected each time/track.

  • I don’t seem to be able to record all the tracks and import them all at once.

Can you please try build 3130 for me?

Import should now work even if transcoding is set to “never”.

Also, in the DB Admin Settings, Settings tab, there is a new setting “Voice Track Import -> Store in folder” where you can select the default folder for imported voice tracks, which will be preselected in the Import dialog.

Stupid question … where can I download it?
Just downloaded 3129 from the website…

Sorry, it was only in the Snapshot folder by the time I wrote that. Now generally available.

Please note that the changes are client-side, it is not necessary to update the server.

Hello Torben,

we tried a few times and this is what we noticed.
Even when set to “never” the import works.

But you still need to go into “advanced settings” to correct those.
It’s ony the first location that is saved by the admin and config page. (Destination Folder)
Without correcting those the import doesn’t work.

Second thing I noticed. some translation stuff.
What works in english doesn’t work on a pc with a french windows 8 version.
Took some screenshots to show you.

found it 3.doc (322 KB)

The setting are stored buth (for what I think not the correct function).
The saved settings pop up when you try to add new songs.


The dialog does not remember the last import settings, but it uses the settings defined in the DB application, which can be done on various levels:

  • Administration -> Configuration -> Settings -> Default import settings
  • Administration -> Configuration -> Settings -> Override import settings for this station (for multi-station databases)
  • Right-click folder in Library tree -> Override import settings