Voice Track questions

Hello for all Mairlist users!

When I do voice track with Mairlist VT editor, and I record voice my recorder cuts away some parts from end? ITs about 1-3 sec what don´t include my VT? Any idea why?

Second thing is that how to record voice track with background music and some cartwall effects?


Kyosti K.
Kuhan.fm radio

Hah… So nobody else don´t have problem with VT?
When I record voice track - last second will be erased by Mairlist, any idea why?

I have used the voice track module in mAirList a few times. This one doesn’t work conveniently and logically for me. However, I have never experienced the phenomenon that the last seconds are deleted by mAirList. Now when I voice track, I make the speeches outside of mAirList in Adobe Audition. I import the audio file into mAirList and with the mix editor I tighten everything up. Functions perfectly!

mAirList version 6.3.18 Professional Studio.