Voice track mono

I;ve been asked to VT a cover show for Friday. I’d rather not fire up my studio for just 15 Minutes.

I thought I’d try to voice track at my normal desk at home as I;m still on holiday

I’ve got a Focuswrite solo 3rd it prefers a mono input for a mic, easy in Audition

Mairlist Voice track module only show left channel for input, is there a way to mono it, so I get both ears. I can mono the output, can I do the same for the input ?

Kind Regards

Yes with asio it can be done. Search for mono voice track there is a question from moorland 2017 whit a how to from Torben.

That’s what I get for not looking.

Thank you for the steer though . The Syntax for mine for mine took a bit figuring out but I’m there

Very much apricated thanks

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