Various questions

I’m currently setting up the latest version 4 trial with a view to purchase within the next few days.
I’ve mangaged to sort out most of what I need but there are a few problems that I’m yet to solve, perhaps somebody may be able to help please?

  1. I have a few files that are in .wav format. I can drag those from the browser into a player and play them with no problems. However if I drag the same files or try to add them to a stack in a cart player then I get an error saying not supported codec. The same applies for the edit player.

  2. Is it possible to adjust and save the width of the column headers in the playlist window. I can adjust and save the desktop etc but they always revert back to their original width.

  3. On the cartwall which I have setup on a 2nd monitor, although I have set the cartwall to maximise on monitor 2 it never does. I’ve saved everything that I think I can etc etc. But when I start Mairlist the cartwall opens as a very small box on monitor 1. I have to then click the maximise window twice to get a full screen monitor 2 display.

  4. Again on the cartwall I have multiple players setup. Some have stacks of multiple files and some just have 1 audio file loaded. It seems that everytime I start mairlist the single file cart players add another instance of the file to the stack. So I end up with a cart player with lots of the same audio file stcked into it. I can clear this by closing the set and then loading my original saved set into the cartwall.

Apologies for all these questions and any pointers would be very appreciated.

  1. That’s really odd, because all players (playlist, cartwall, cue editor, …) use the same playback functions under the hood. Is this plain PCM wav, or any other codec? (Remember that WAV is only a container format, it can actually contain compressed or other non-PCM audio data.)

  2. Column widths can be adjusted through skin.ini, explained by Cad here:,5662.msg40402.html#msg40402

  3. Which version are you using, 4.3 or 4.4? This is caused by a bug in the Delphi compiler, and should be gone (or at least happen less often) in v4.4 which is compiled with a more recent Delphi version. If it still happens in v4.4, I shall look for a workaround. Note to self:

  4. Must be a bug. Never noticed that. Will be investigated.

Hi Torben.
Thank you for your replies.

Point 1. This is now solved. It would seem that some of the files were windows PCM .wav and they were OK but a few were not and it just so happens they were the ones that I had tried in the cartwall players! Thank you for the pointer.

Point 2. I missed that info in the manual and will now modify my skin.ini using CAD’s info.

Point 3. I’m using 4.4.1 Build 2039. It seems to do it everytime that Mairlist is started.

Point 4. OK, thank you.

I appreciate your help with this.

Thinking about #4, I assume this happens have you have both a default cart set define in the config, and saved the cart set as part of the standard desktop template.

(mAirList first loads the standard desktop template, and all carts try to open their items in the background, so they’re in a LOADING state. Then the default cart set kicks in, but it cannot clear the players, as they are still LOADING - which cannot be interrupted - so the files end up in the stack somehow.)

Please consider this a known bug :slight_smile:

Workaround: Either clear the default cart set in the config, or disable “Save cartwall content in desktop templates (.mlt)” in the cartwall options and re-save the standard desktop template.

Regarding the non-maximized window, I’ll start with the Stack Overflow article I mentioned, and see what I can do.

Hello Torben.
On point 4 - Disabling the default cart set in configuration does the trick, thankyou.