Variance between fixed events

If two fixed events are defined in a playlist, would it be possible to (optionally!) have an ‘information’ entry between them which calculates the shortfall/overrun between the ‘gap’ and the scheduled items?

I think a few examples will help explain this …

Example 1
= 15:10:00 (fixed time event)
3:00 Audio item
4:00 Audio item
6:00 Audio item
5:00 Audio item
Shortfall of 2m00s <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< proposed new entry
= 15:30:00 (fixed time event)

Example 2
= 15:10:00 (fixed time event)
9:00 Audio item
8:00 Audio item
5:30 Audio item
Overrun of 2m30s <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< proposed new entry
= 15:30:00 (fixed time event)

The benefit of this would be when manually scheduling so that you can instantly see if the inserted items match the time available.

Hopefully this makes sense!


This has been on my to-do list for a long time.


Ah - thanks - I guess it is one of those ‘nice to have’ requests that never reach the top of the list :slight_smile:


p.s. Dare I ask how mAirlist V3 is coming along?

I’m in the process of constantly adding features to mAirListDB (as time permits). A handful of selected beta testers has taken a glimpse, and according to their reactions, it cannot be all bad :wink:

I will release the first public version as soon as the database schema doesn’t change so often anymore. (At the time being, you have to delete and recreate the database with every new build you download.)

Thanks for the update. Perhaps we can alll hope for an extra special Christmas present :wink: