v2.1.42 b466: Two Logging bugs

All of the following applies to text log files.

Two major (therefore probably trivial to fix ;)) logging bugs:

[ul][li]All STOP log entries return Duration (%e) as zero.
This seems to be a new bug in b466?[/li]
[li]All Cartwall Players’ STOP log entries are duplicated.
Playlist Players’ STOP log entries are fine BTW. :slight_smile:
This seems to have been happening for a few builds (I only just noticed it), and may have started when the ‘Cartwall Players do not reset at EOF’ bug was fixed?[/li][/ul]

Each of these bugs rather stuffs up my automated log processing (in simplistic fashion using Excel, if anyone is interested), because it relies on the Duration being correct, and on just one STOP log entry for each played item. ;D


Both sorted out in v.43.


(Am I really the only mAirList user who checks log content? Or just the only user who uses text-based log files? ;D)


Probably not. But this bug has just been “introduced” in v.42 (in which I re-implemented all logging functionality), so you might have been the first one to notice.

We’ve (Phoenix FM) just enabled start-time TXT file logs (in addition to our legally-required 42 day’s worth of audio logs).