User role edit/ add

At this moment these are the user roles for mairlist:

  • Read-only
  • Studio (Read-only + write access to playlist history table)
  • DJ (Studio + create/edit playlists)
  • VT DJ (DJ + uploading voicetracks to the database)
  • Folder Manager (DJ + move items between folders in Library)
  • Manager (Folder Manager + full Library editing)
  • Administrator (Manager + full configuration rights)

Now I was doing some testing for voicetracking by dj’s using the dbserver. I noticed that using the DJ and VTDJ roles, the user is also able to create new playlists.
Is there a way to edit the DJ or VTDJ roles so those aren’t able to create but still are able to edit existing playlists, or is it combined with the edit playlist function?
Or is there a way to create a new user role and assign the rights wich are wanted for that specific role?

Changed to a feature request for Torben’s attention.

Thx Uli.
We will see what Torben thinks of this idea.