user defined fields different from earlier version?

My poor old hands ;o)

I did so much copy and pasting last week to convert the extra information I used to have on my audio in to the user defined fields in mAirList such as Album, Track, Year, Composer etc… however in 2.1.19 the user defined fields and information I had are all gone, or not showing up I should say.

Is the way in which these fields work changing and does everything need re-entered?


Oops. Looks like I accidently deleted the line from the source code where the UDPs are loaded. I will fix the problem in v2.1.20.

Here’s an updated .exe file you can use for the moment:


Phew, thought I was going to have to copy and paste everything again hehe.

I love what you’ve done with this release, always impressed with each version. I like the single click on playlist icon for PFL, that’s terrific! It makes removing the fade outs locally a breeze.

I like the playlist history options to, being able to pick and choose whether or not to leave all history or only some of it.

Now I’m off to make some icons for the playlist, LOVE it.


Dear Gavin,

Probably exactly the wrong time to ask you this, but are you talking about entering these UDFs for audio stored as MP3 files? And is this for purposes of logging?

If you need album/year info etc., and if all this info. is already reliably present in the MP3 files’ tags, then you can already access any ID3V2 tag info for logging using the syntax:


in your logging string. For example:


Note that you need to know the CORRECT four-letter code (tagname) for what you want: for example, Year is usually TYER. Best way to check is to view an MP3 file using a tool like FileAlyzer or XVI32 (both freeware) to literally find the tag names at the beginning of one of your MP3 files. All tags are in a single block at start of file and all are four capital letters starting with T.

But you probably didn’t want to know that if you have just manually re-entered MP3 tag data (ouch!).

I’m off to update the Wiki page about User Defined Properties right now, to prevent anyone else potentially suffering that kind of grief unnecessarily…