Urgent help please- Database vanished

Hey, Installed a new delta 410 today. Once i got that working, which was easy… the local datebase for my mairlist vanished. It just says no datacase connection found. I dont understand why installing a new soundcard would effect this, but if anyone can help me, it would be great. We are currently on back up. Thanks in advance.

This is the error show in the log.

6/13/2014 12:46:28 PM Error Error executing action Load and play database playlist: Unknown database: mAirListDB:97536F3A2DD2211136AC87F9FC62C9B9

The message means that there is no database connection with the ID “97536F3A2DD2211136AC87F9FC62C9B9” in the config.

When you edit the “load and play playlist” action, you select the database to pull the playlist from. The ID of that database is stored as part of the event configuration. When the event is executed, mAirList looks for the database in the config, and then fetches the playlist. If the database has been removed meanwhile, the above message will appear.

This is important for people who run more than one database (e.g. a mAirListDB and iTunes) - most people only have one database connection though.

So either your database connection was removed from the config altogether, or you created a new database file, and thus the ID changed.

Check if the database connection is still present in the “Databases” section in the config app, and what’s displayed as Database ID on the “Settings” tab.

If the database connection is still present, but hat as new ID (for whatever reason), edit the hourly event, go to the properties of the Load and Play Playlist action, and re-select the correct database connection.