upgrading to 5.2 from 5.1


Just got back to my studio having spent the day helping a new mAirList user install, setup, and train him on the software. So I decided to finally upgrade my own system to 5.2.

After downloading and installing the latest 5.2 build, I had thought it would install over the top of my current verison 5.1, but didn’t.

After I added my licence to 5.2 and imported the configuration, it all seems to work ok. But is it safe to un-install the old 5.1 version now, or would that break the 5.2 install.

This is on purpose - every minor release (5.0, 5.1, 5.2) installs as a separate application, so you can safely import your config and test it, leaving the old version untouched until you make the final switch.

It is safe to uninstall v5.1 from Windows Control Panel once you have 5.2 up and running.

If you are running a local mAirList, it is a good idea to store the database file out of mAirList’s ProgramData folder. By default, mAirList will store in the data folder of the particular version, and make a copy when you import the config into the new version. This may leave some garbage on your disk when you make a lot of upgrades and uninstalls. By moving the database file away from there, you can share the database among all versions (given that they use the same schema version, and no conversion takes place after the upgrade).

Excellent, thanks Torben.