Upgrading from 6.3 to 7.0

Finally I had some time to give v7 a try. I downloaded the latest build (5008) and installed the software.
Although most of my skin.ini and layout.ini settings were transferred, not all of them are and it still needs a lot of work to make it look the way it was (meaning the way I liked it).

In the past I put a lot of time in tweaking the skins and to be honest, I don’t know all of the commands any more by heart. I’m afraid it will be time-consuming to make the necessary adjustments.

I lost some fonts, font colours (of the players), columns in the playlists and my connection to my speakers for instance. Albumart is smaller and the transparent background of my png images don’t work any more.

I do appreciate this is still a beta and it is likely that most of the issues will be resolved before the final version, but I would like to emphasize the importance of a smooth transition from 6.3 to 7. In fact it should be working without any effort straight out of the box.

Let me give you an example: up until v7 the artist and title are shown on different rows. I understand that is still possible but will need some work. Why not the other way around? Keep it as it was and when a user wants it in the new way he/she can make the adjustments.

Personally I’m excited about the new options in v7 but I’m rather reluctant to make the switch at present.

Hi @Lukeman,

would you please take a look in this thread?

Hi @UliNobbe,

I already did, I still think the upgrade process should be as smooth as possible: if one doesn’t need the new options no effort (or as little as possible) should be necessary to start using v7. But that’s my humble opinion.

Back in the days the Transitionpages were introduced. That was a big change (and improvement) and involved some work to get it working again. But it wasn’t necessary to use right at the start and could be implemented later (like I did).