Upgrading from 6.0.6 to 6.0.8 or 6.1.0

Dear mAirlist Administrator,

I currently own 2 licenses of mAirlist or D&R Aircast (Standard+DBServer) software 6.0.6 build 3642. I am just wondering, if my licenses is entitled to the free upgrade to newer version of software such as 6.0.8 or 6.1.0. If it is possible to upgrade, please kindly advise me on the upgrading procedure. Thank you very much in advance for your kind advices.

(I am a very beginner to mAirlist software.)

Best regards,

Friends Bangkok


first of all, please note that mAirList and Aircast are two virtually different products, even though it’s the same code behind them. Aircast is an OEM product marketed and sold by D&R. And support for Aircast is also only provided by D&R, not by us.

You cannot use an Aircast-branded licenses with a mAirList-branded software installation, and vice versa.

Aircast software releases are usually a few weeks behind mAirList, for administrative reasons. So the updates you see for mAirList will eventually become available for Aircast at some point. Please have a bit of patience.

(The main reason is that we wait for possible bugs to be reported, as we can handle the bugs reports much better when they come from mAirList users, as we have a direct communication with them, unlike Aircast users who receive support from D&R.)

Thank you very much for your clear explanation.

Best regards,

Friends Bangkok