Two keyboards help

I might be better off trying some PC forums but will try this first.

Could i use two keyboards on one computer. One used to do every day computing and one used in mAirList for shortcuts.



In the age of USB, you will be able to connect and use as many keyboards as you like. But mAirList won’t be able to detect which keyboard a particular keystroke comes from.

Ok thanks for the help

A compromise would be an X-Keys unit to “hide away” when you’re not using the computer with mAirList - they offer a series of programmable keystrokes and button options. Same goes for the Tipro keyboards - they turn up on eBay from time-to-time and the 128-key QWERTY model could function as a 50/50 keyboard.

Also, the PS/2 Tipros have an additional PS/2 socket allowing you to daisy-chain a 2nd keyboard. eBay searches to use are epos keyboard , tipro keyboard , programmable keyboard… They are a quite expensive to buy new but the programming+key-cap label software is freely downloadable so you can set the buttons up however you want.

Thanks Charlie i will keep my eyes open on ebay.

Perhaps a bit left field for you, but if you need 20 buttons or less, you could use a set of Sony ZOOM!™ controllers instead (they’re made by Logitech, incidentally).

I use them for setting cue points. Cheap and cheerful (esp. second-hand), though you do need to untangle the cables and tape them into a ‘single cable’ (or it will drive you crazy!), and also you need make some kind of cradle (I made mine from an old cereal packet, in best Blue Peter stylee) or they will be nearly impossible to keep in one place.

Just a thought for you … ! ;D


I have the 20key XKeys and works extremely well. At my TV station we have two 50 key units on our Graphics and they get hammered and have stood up extremely well.