TUTORIAL: How to start a radio station in 24 hours

I’ve started making a tutorial, which will eventually see it’s permanent home on the Wiki. I’ve uploaded what I’ve written so far (not much) in PDF format to my webspace. Every time I update the tutorial, it’ll overwrite the old version, so you can always keep up to date.

PLEASE let me know if there’s anything you’d like covered in the tutorial, or anything you’d like changed/elaborated on.

The tutorial is located at:


  • Ant :slight_smile:

Well done, somewhere I have a pdf guide to setting mAirList up on first install. I’ll have to dig it out again.


Nice one, Ant!

Only thing I’d suggest from what’s there so far is you don’t make it completely clear WHICH version of Station Playlist Creator you are suggesting for purchase.

Seems to me that most stations will want the full-on Pro version, to assist with ad. billing. Though it’s worth adding that I’ve never used scheduling software of any kind: that’s just based on my reading of the feature comparison list for the three versions of SPC (Lite, Standard, Pro).