Track Playing Info

Hi guys,

Ive just spent ages trawling the forum but can’t find what im after - though im sure ive seen it somewhere!

Is it possible to create a setting in the layout similar to that of station playlist where you would have a:


i guess it would have to be done as part of the gui and probably some scripting. like i say i thought there was a layout with it already incorporated but having had a look, i cant seem to find it…

Any thoughts?


  • Create a number of “Static text” GUI objects.
  • Assign a Remote ID to each objects on the Options tab, e.g. MYTEXT1, MYTEXT2, etc.
  • Using a script, grab the required information periodically (by looking at the players, and using CurrentPlaylist.GetIndex to check the position of their respective items in the playlist), and send the title to the screen object using ExecuteCommand('MYTEXT1 TEXT ’ + Title) to change the text of the GUI objects.

I’m busy right now and cannot write the script for you, but perhaps some ambitious script hacker will be happy to help.

Super, thanks for the advice…

Is there any scripting genious that wouldn’t mind having a go at this?

Many Thanks

I’m slightly puzzled about why you would need this information, when it seems to me to be obvious by looking at the Playlist? Or is the intention specifically to produce a ‘clone’ of SPL?

Thinking laterally about this ;), there is a ‘quick and dirty’ way to do this which doesn’t need any scripting. This ‘hack’ will give an incorrect display until the second item in a new Playlist is playing, and it’s best suited to completely automated playout:

  1. In Config, change the Number of items to show in history to 1.
  2. Change the size of your Playlist so that it displays exactly three lines on screen.
  3. Add three static text items (LAST TRACK, NOW PLAYING, and NEXT TRACK) to your layout.
  4. Position the three static text items to the left of the Playlist.
    NOTE: You may want to change the columns displayed in the Playlist, so that only Title and Artist are shown.

As I said before, this isn’t perfect, but it will be ‘close enough’ most of the time, especially if your Playlist is always automated. I’ve never used SPL myself: what happens when no track is currently playing? Is the NOW PLAYING entry blank, or not?

I don’t have time at the moment to write the scripts for ‘plan A,’ but it shouldn’t be very difficult (famous last words! :D). I’m assuming (?) that you have only one Player in this scenario, is that correct or incorrect?


I was thinking exactly the same when I read this… ???


:smiley: So it’s not just me who thought that!