Titling the (untitled) Titlebar

Hello Everyone. I am the Station Engineer for a Hospital Radio station in the East of England. We’re all volunteers here and are setting up mAirList on an ASSIST basis only for now. We have lots to discover using 2.2.1 and look forward to learning!
How do I change the (untitled) title bar to carry the station’s name?

Hi, and welcome.

It’s not possible to change the text in the title bar at the time being.

If you want some nice looking “personalized” desktop, I propose you add your station’s logo through the “Image” screen object facility (mAirListConfig -> GUI -> Other Screen Objects).

Interesting idea. I would also be interested.
Requires almost no space and gives the surface a personal note

My wish: mAirList - Radio xyz (untitled)

My wish: Artist - Title currently playing.

Why? Because edcast v3 can read window titles and so we could have correct title streaming for those who need a »cheap streaming solution«.

I think it was Charlie around here who has done quite a bit of work in developing scripts etc. which will send the ‘now playing’ Artist/Title to Web pages.


Was there any luck with a script that could do such a thing?

My ideal script to be implemented in this sort of way would be-
To be able to show ‘currently playing’ countdown.

I want something like this due to the fact that we use the on air system for lots of other things (I know, very bad, but budgets are tight! prepares self to be ridiculed :P), so most of the time we have the presenter asking us to switch back to mAirList to check the time left on a song, which gets annoying!

Thanks, Ryan.

Hi Torben, we like Ryans thoughts about a visible countdown when mAirList is minimised. Would comei n handy when voice tracking which we achieve in mAirList by saving the recorded link into a known folder (Voice Tracks/Presenter Name) and using Charlies Adder Utility to drag the audio into a playlist when we maximise mAirList again.

A countdown running in the toolbar next to the mairList logo would be ideal.

Kind Regards tony