Test item (e.g. a jingle) to fine-tune cue in and cue out in Cue Editor

I recently purchased my home licence and I’m now creating the database, which means going through a lot of markers!
A pretty handy function that I remember using in my old days at the radio (on Dj Pro and XAutomation playouts) was the ability to set an audio item (most likely a Jingle) as a test item for cue-in, and one for cue-out.
This way, wen testing a cue-in, you can hear the last second of that item, and equally when testing a cue-out, you can hear the first couple of seconds of the mixout test item. This is particularly useful when you’re cutting songs, so you can make sure that the jingle starts on the beat.

I have found from a webinar a screenshot of that section (see they set up ‘Jingle 1’ for cue in and ‘Jingle 3’ for cue out.

Is this something that could be built?
Thank you!