Switching from Assist to Automation

I have noticed that sometimes, when I switch from assist to auto mode while a player is playing, the player will fade out fast and the next item on the playlist will start.However, this is not happening all the time. At first I thought that switching to Auto while player B is playing is causing this, so I tried switching to Auto while player A is playing but I still get the same behavior. Is this a bug of some sort?

We have heard of this issue but have never been able to reproduce it. Does it happen regularly for you?

Hi Torben<

Its like the lottery. You never know when it will happen. Since this morning I switched from Assist to Auto 5 times. It happened 3 out of those 5.

Which version are you on? I might send you a special debug version to investigate the issue further.

5.2.4 buid 2977