Switching between several inputs

Hi there!

I was wondering, is it possible to switch between several inputs of a soundcard automatically with mAirList?

I have several audio sources, and i need to switch from one to another, to broadcast one of them at a time.

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It heavily depends on the type of sound card.

You can access the Windows mixer through mAirList, and control any sound card compatible with it (turning Line In on and off etc.). However, sound card manufactures now tend to provide their own proprietary mixer which cannot be accessed by any other application than the one tha came with the sound card drivers.

i see, thanks a lot for your answer!

i forgot to ask, is it possible to do an automatic volume crossfade when switching from one source to another?

Only with a script, but after all it’s possible.

Ok, can you add this feature to the “feature request list”, or do i have to create a new topic?

I think it would be very cool if this could be done without a script. A lot of radios have to switch between several sources.

So your feature request is adding a “Set Mixer volume” action including the ability to specify a time period for a fade, yes?

Remember that it’s only possible when the sound card supports control through the Windows mixer. Have you verified that your particular one does?

Yes, and the ability to broadcast one of the input signals (direct monitoring?) is order to hear it on the output of the soundcard.

About the sound card, i didn’t buy it yet, i’ll choose it wisely :wink:

Thanks a lot!

True, but in my experience, I’ve never had any need to crossfade from one external source to another.

Multiple external sources I’ve had to deal with are usually either live news-type feeds or live sports report-type feeds. Obviously, your experience may be different … :smiley:


maybe i have some missunderstandings. But this switching from several sources, is this the same as we do usually by a mixer in the way we send the differnt sources to the mixer and normaly one signal back to the broadcast?



By the way… CAD, what means “BFN”… i would like to know :slight_smile:

yeah, that’s the same thing, but i want to automate this process rather than doing it manually :wink:

:slight_smile: It is an acronym for Bye for now. For many years, the sign-off used at the end of his show by an EXTREMELY popular BBC Radio 2 DJ named Jimmy Young was: B.F.N. … bye for now!