Hi all,

I saw something about the streamdeck and Mairlist… I want to know can we use the streamdeck for the cartwall?? If yes, how do we have to install it…We have downloaded from the github the files and imported it into the streamdeck. But how does the streamdeck communicate with Mairlist?

Hope to hear from you.



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Did you install a remote connection in the configuration of mAirlist?

Could also be interesting for me. Thanks Stefan. I’ll take look at it when I get the chance :slight_smile:

Hello Stefan,

That option I didn’t have… I see until the velleman but after that there is nothing!

Or is there a additional piece software / script



Which Version are you using?

Dammmm… I had a older 7 version! It
Works wow



Great to hear, tgx for the feedback! Have fun :blush:

Just one last question :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it working on the studio version. (I tested with the pro version)


Hi, I asked Torben about it - you need at least the Advanced Edition (not Advanced Server :wink: )

Hello Stefan,

thanks for your reaction. Unfortunately for now it’s to expensive…

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Which Edition are you using in your Studio?

Hi Stefan,

I have the pro version as server, than the advanced version for voice tracking and planning at home… for in the studio we use a 6.3.24 from a friend of ours…

I know we can crossgrade, but the license has to go back to his owner. So I going to buy the home studio to replace the 6.3.24 and not the advanced…

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