Stream in format AAC

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I would like to stream my radio station in format AAC, to Revma, someone did it before? I found only topics which are 2-3 years old, had you got few simply steps, to do it asap?

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I’ve already downloaded enc_aacplus.dll and .exe, also nscrt.dll, copied it to my mAirlist folder, I had connection, but after 5-10 seconds i lost it, error code 0

What i should do? Is there any resolution?

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I also have this problem and am troubleshooting.

I use this setting and working perfect.
enc_aacPlus.exe - - --br 96000 --he --silent --rawpcm 44100 2 16


Bit of an academic question, please. Have you managed to get the Integrated Streaming Server working in this mode, or is it only usable with external Shoutcast or Icecast servers?

Hi Allan,
I have an academic answer for you. :rofl:
I just tested it and it is the same. So copy the settings for your ACC stream to the Integrated Streaming Server and it will work. Only listeners are not working at my side. Maybe you can test it for me if it does work for you?

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Hi Peter
Thanks for the information. I occasionally stream from one PC to another one, located elsewhere in the house, using the integrated server. If I use mp3 format it works fine. I’ve tried to get aacplus working several times, but with no success…until now!
I tried using just the .exe file, no luck.
I added the enc_aacplus.dll file and, yes, it is working. However, there is the the odd glitch in the audio playback. I haven’t added the nscrt.dll file as yet, so I don’t know if that will help. More experiments needed, when time permits.
I don’t think the Integrated Server can count listeners.
Thanks again.

That’s true. :white_check_mark:

I dig up this old topic.
I’ve issues to set up an AAC stream…
Does the Dipi’s setting always works with mAirList 6.3 ?
Do I need something more than the enc-aacPlus.exe ? The enc_aacplus.dll and nscrt.dll too?
And where can I find this nscrt? I’m a bit lost on this… my searches are in vain, sorry if I missed something.

Thanks for your precious help