start up times

Hi, anyone else suffered long start up times of version 2?

Cannot think what has changed on the pc other than windows updates (XP home sp2)

Just hangs with the splash screen initializing players. Config utility also hangs although this eventually startes after around 10 minutes.

any ideas?

Version 2? You really mean 2, and not 3 or 4? (Wow!)

Likewise, do you really mean XP Home Edition with SP2 and not SP3?

Probably the reason your v2 is loading very, very slowly is that you are using an OnTheFly cache, and you’ve told it to fully refresh/reload every time mAirList starts.

I hasten to add this is from memory as I haven’t run mAirList v2 here for at least a couple of years! I’m sure that Dr. Weibert will be along in a minute to correct me if I’m wrong. :wink:


In a minute? No, not at that time of the day (ehh, night) anymore since our son was born :wink:

It’s impossible to tell what’s going on without examining the situation in detail (which I won’t, as it’s a very old version). Could be an OTF database with the rescan flag, as Cad mentioned, or also a broken soundcard driver or whatever.

Hi Cad and Torben, yes version 2 ( Not actually scanning a directory as its not using a database. Sorry yes SP3 as the PC accepts all updates from Microsoft be default.

Just used for emergency 24/7 so starts up in automation to load a playlist and go.

Also applies to the community edition of version 3 (though just starting without the needs of automation from go), which has only ever been used for layout design.

Strange as yesterday I download 3.18 of the community edition which works like lightning.

Thankfully no worries I just was wondering why?

Must be something with the PC as both editions work fine tested elsewhere.

Kind Regards Tony