Hi guys

Ive been sitting clicking through the config now for ages and cant seem to find this option

Im sure it exists because im sure ive used it before.

Basically, when mairlist loads i want it to be in automation mode automatically.

How do i do it?



you’ll find in the /scripts/automation/ folder the script

[code]{------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Notification Script for mAirList

Enables and activates Automation mode on the first playlist after startup.

Author: Torben Weibert

Date: 2007-01-07

See for further information.


procedure OnStartup;







If you only want to go in automation-mode without start to play, simply delete " PlaybackControl(0).AutomationPlay;" out of the script.

then you have in mairlistConfig to register this script as notification script and it should work :wink:

greetings, michi

You need to do two things:

  1. Examine/amend the supplied sample Script using Notepad or a TEXT editor. The supplied one enables Automation and ‘clicks Play’ for the first Playlist. You can delete the second line if you just want to enable Automation without actually starting it. (If you have more than one Playlist, copy the lines between begin and end and change the 0 to 1 for the second Playlist, and so on.) Make sure you save the amended file!

  2. In Configuration, click Scripting, Notification Scripts and make sure your amended Script is in the list (click Add… to add it). This ‘tells’ mAirList to run your script.

Hopefully it’s obvious how to amend the script to do what you want, but please ask again if you need more help.

My own ‘startup script’ includes a couple of SystemLog("…") lines, so that I can be sure the script has run. The text between the " " is displayed as a message in the mAirList status bar when the script runs. For example:
[tt]SystemLog(“Welcome to mAirList!”);[/tt]
(And yes, you do need the ; at the end of the line!)


It must be single quotes instead of double quotes.

Cheers guys

Will have a play. Not had much success in the past with scripting but this “seems” rather straight forward.

Will report back success, Hopefully.

Thanks again


Thank you so much guys.

All works perfectly!!!

Cheers again