Staring Cartwall in 'On Air' mode


I want to hide the ‘ON AIR’ and ‘PFL’ options on the cartwall and can do that by adding ToolbarVisible=off to the [Cartwall] section of skin.ini

The problem is that I cannot start the carts as the ‘On Air’ button needs to be selected and, as I have now hidden the buttons, it is not possible to select it!

If I understand Torben’s last post in this thread,7313.30.html then it is possible to start the cartwall with ‘ON AIR’ selected.

Can anyone let me know the cammands needed to achieve this?



It’s a setting in the config app, Cartwall -> General if I remember correctly (“Start in mode…”).

Have you worked out how to add more than 3 players on the cartwall Ron? Gillham

Run the mairListConfig.bat file in the mairlist directory. It is then in cartwall General settings.