Songs skipped in automation


We seem to have an ongoing problem during our overnight automation. On regular occasions it has skipped an entire song and moved on to a container break which is the next scheduled event. The songs are not marked with the ‘skip in automation’ command and the container breaks are marked with ‘soft start’. These skipped songs are causing the hour to run short of program which forces our emergency audio to kick in. Does anyone have a possible solution for this?


Hi John,

if I get you correctly, it is not only one song only but different ones. Is there a “pool” of those, means “always the same” or does this happen randomly? Do these songs play seamlessly in other scenarioes? Do these suspicious songs have any different specs compared to others?

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Yes they are different songs that generally play fine, even during these same overnight programs. And there is nothing specific about these songs compared to others in the overall playlist. I believe the link is the container break that is scheduled for a specific time in the hour. Those breaks are marked as ‘soft start’ but I’m wondering if they is a limited time allowed before they kick in and, if so, then does that mean that they will sometimes eliminate a scheduled song to do this.