song audio randomly skips like a scratched CD/record

a couple of times a week, maybe more, some songs sound like a scratched record, audio loops a couple of seconds or less, skips like a scratched CD. It is NOT the audio file, the audio drive is on a network, windows 7 machine, AXIA IP Audio driver, caching is enabled in Mairlist. I do have combinations of WAV and MP3’s on the audio drive

Does anyone else have this problem? Sounds pretty rubbish on air, and unpredictable. A restart of the machine seems to fix it, but it is quite random. often it is during the intro of a song, but not always

Hello, do you havre an example about that ?
I’ve got some problems since a week after 8 months using mairlist without any problem.
It’s totaly random, nothing in log system.
I’m using windows 10 and made the latest update. Maybe it’s the reason why ?

I will send the audio file with the the sound crash in a few minutes

Here is the crash of the sound a few minutes ago

test.mp3 (306 KB)

I think I’ve found my problem.
I’m using asio multi in order to use different software with the same sound card.
And some times it disctonnetcs randomly . And after that, sound is crashing…