[SOLVED] Audio Exchange


I would like to know how audio exchange works.
I would like to update some songs with new version with better bitrates without loosing all attributes, history, etc…
When i’m using audio exchange option, i’ve got this message when I clik on “start import” :
Error on replace ID mode, only the “rename” policy is currently supported.


Might be a bug. Exact version?

Version 6.0.8 Build 3655

Hi Torben,
Unfortunately, i don’t manage to update my tracks with audio exchange option in the database.
I’ve always got the message above. And the entry in the database is converted as a dummy with no possibility to attach any new audio file.
What goes wrong ?



Please try this possible workaround: Click “Advanced settings” and set “If target file exists” to “Rename new file”.

Does the error go away then?

Also try new snapshot 3665 please. Does it work without the workaround mentioned above?

Yeah ! It works !!! with rename or replace now !
The only thing is that i lost markers (intro, start next, cue…). But maybe it’s normal ? Because it’s a new file ?


Yes, I think it‘s normal.