Soft Delete

Would it be possible to change the playlist so you can ‘soft delete’ and ‘hard delete’ items? (and obviously make it optional for those of us who wouldn’t want it

So by highlighting an item and pressing delete once, it will appear in it’s greyed out form but can be restored by right clicking and click ‘restore’ - it wont be played out until you restore it. ‘Hard Delete’ is exactly the same as what we have now - just select an item and press delete and it goes.



Just another bump here- in more detail.

Say I have a radio station running between 1.25 and 2.00 daily in a school (i do, by the way!)

I want to pre-schedule all my tracks - and do so using Creator. I think it would be a great addition to mAirList to have a check box in the properties section of each song which says ‘Soft Deleted by default’.

If this is not ticked, the file acts normally and plays in the sequence.

if this IS ticked, the file is showed in its ‘greyed out’ form, and will not play in the sequence unless the presenter right clicks on it and selects ‘undelete’.

This would be useful for our news jingles etc as we always do news live. We don’t want our news beds to go out on air if, for whatever reason, we can’t get into the studio in time to do news - so we would soft delete our news items by default so we can rest assured that there will be no odd things going on air.

Sorry for not having replied to this yet. I’m busy as usual :wink:

Do you mean by “soft deleted” that the “history/played” flag is set, just like when an item is finished and kicked out of the player? If so, we’d just need the “mark as played” and “recycle” commands in the menu. I still have to add these anyway.

Regarding the flags being set automatically on loading a playlist: What format is your playlist? M3U? If so, we needed a config option to set the history flag of all items when loading an M3U file. But this can also be done with a simple script:

[code]var i: integer;

for i := 0 to CurrentPlaylist.GetCount do

My playlists are M3U files - but I was thinking that this option could be saved in the MMD tag of the file perhaps?