Seperate countdown time

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another quicky

how can i get a countdown time on the page for the item playing?

basically the time remaining only, oh and how can i completely remove the border on a player for example.

the way i want my layout is to hide the players so that all i see on page is playlist and then a progress bar, the item countdown, clock, date hour countdown etc.

The only way i could see was to have the players with everything entied apart from the countdown but that would mean i would need to line up two players to get the countdowns as i use more than one soundcard.

is there a way to add something like this. the other thing is that id want it to display the time of the playing item. what i mean is that if an item was playing, when i fade to next it shows only the next item and not the time left of the item and the next seperated by a /

Hope im clear enough!!


This is what I am working on at the moment: Various new “GUI objects” like countdowns etc.

lovely job.


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Simple! Manually edit your config\layout.ini file and remove every section named (for example) [Player0_0]. The Players will still ‘exist’ within mAirList, but they will not be displayed anywhere in the mAirList window.

(Caution: I would strongly suggest that you fully test the layout before you make the Players ‘invisible;’ and also do keep a backup copy of your layout.ini with the Players visible …)


Cheers cad

it does work, very well.

The only other thing i would ask is what is the name of the bit that gives you the player status in the playlist window e.g ON AIR, NEXT etc. when changing colours, the colour of my title is the same as player status so you can’t see the text!!


One other thing, i have been playing for ages to try and get a white border around the clock in my layout. After pulling out all my hair i have decided to post for help!!!

The background color is the same for all columns.

PlayerNameFontColor, in skin.ini. Or variants like ErrorPlayerNameFontColor, CommandPlayerNameFontColor, and so on.

The background colour is RowColor, with similar variants like CommandRowColor; or whatever colour you have made your items. Because this can easily clash with your text colours, personally I never specify colours for individual audio items. I do set up colour combinations in skin.ini for (e.g.) Command and Break items, and also set RowColor for Player states (like Paused, OnAir, etc.).

Finally, remember that the ORDER you specify things in skin.ini is important!