select browser option in remote control

Hi Torben, I have set Z as the keystroke to Select browser, however it appears not to do as I expected (put browser into focus).

Is this the function the option is for or have I missed something?

Kind regards tony

btw:in this example using

The select/unselect commands are meant to (un)select an item inside the browser. However, they have not been implemented in any browser at the moment.

Hi Torben, is there a way to either put the browser in focus when mAirList loads or from a keystroke?

We need to be able to scroll through items in the browser without using a mouse. Our partially sighted users are happier using a custom keyboard which currently in another playout software will:

Navigate between tabs/pages of audio
Scroll up/down a browser window
Load an item into a selected player.
Start/Stop audio

Kind regards tony

Hi Torben, just a reminder.

Can we (or will be able) put the browser into focus from a keystroke?

It would also help our users if the browser was in focus on start up, enabling users to scroll through audio and load from a keystoke.

Different tabs of audio should also be navigable from a keystroke.

Sorry to ask for so much, many of our users have grown so use to this method its difficult convincing them of the need to change.

Will be included in v.43 as “BROWSER FOCUS”. I had to implement this for each type of browser (playlist, directory, database, …) separately, so I hope I haven’t missed one. I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback.

For switching between the browser pages, use BROWSER NEXT and BROWSER PREVIOUS. These commands have only been implemented for the “modern style” browser window so far, but I will implement it for the old “tab style” browser window as well now.

As you can see in the config, there are a few other browser-related commands available (for cursor movement etc.), some of which I will also make operational now. As these have to be implemented separately for each browser as well, it’s a lot of work for me, and it will probably take some time until I have managed to make all these commands work for all browser types.

I have just uploaded a snapshot (#476) including these changes. Please give it a try.

Hi Torben, I will download and give things a try on my return home. This will be next week but thanks in advance for implementing things so quickly.

Kind Regards tony

… having ignored the request for a couple of weeks first :wink:

Hi Torben, using version still with no joy.

I have set Z as the keystroke but it will not as expected put the browser into focus.

I need to be able to achieve this from wherever in mAirlist the cursor/focus was placed.

Kind regards tony

It’s not available in v.42, yet. You need to download the current snapshot from

(Anticipating my PhD thesis defense, I’m too busy to release v.43 at the moment, but I upload a snapshot every now and then.)

Thanks Torben, I should learn to read your earlier post in this thread (to which i had alreay replied)!

Best wishes with your thesis.


btw;works a treat (browser focus)