ScreenObject Buttons

I noticed a layout in the German forum where a user had “buttons” on his layout - I wonder if they were there “for show” or actually worked as I don’t recall seeing any way of creating your own button on the GUI ? Perhaps this is a feature that’s under construction - define a button as a ScreenObject and attach a script/command to it… eg: a row of hotkeys along the bottom of the screen for commonly-used actions like: Start Ads, Traffic Flag, Load Current Playlist etc.

This was only “for show”, but a similar feature will be included in v3.

Hi everybody,

I don’t know if it’s available anywhere on the website or on the forum but I’m wondering if there is a complete list of all the future mairlist features which will be added in the v3 ?
Just for information…

Thanks guys !


There is no list on any web site, as there is no list in my head either :wink: As usual, I will implement some new features before the initial release of the new development branch (v3.0). This is what’s happening at the moment. Additional features will be added as v3.0 evolves. At a certain time, the feature list will be closed, only bugs are removed, and then we’ll have the new stable edition v3.1.

That’s okey Torben. Good job et good piece of software.
Thanks a lot :slight_smile: