Save playlists

Hi there,

I am not sure if this is best place to post this question, maybe it is a feature request. But I am not sure if this function is somewhere hidden in the software

At this moment I am focussed on the voicetrack part of the software and I have this question,
All playlists are scheduled by the minischeduler in the studio and so they are visible in the ‘database playlist’ tab in the browser. This makes a good overview of the schudeled hours.
Now I am thinking a plan for recording voicetracks on remote. I been asked by a Radio station how to achieve that their dj’s can voicetrack at home and connected by dbserver over the internet.

Now comes the real question(s) :wink:

Is it possible that a dj at home loads a playlist from the tab ‘database playlists’ in the browser into the playlist and after done voicetracking, save the playlist so it will be overwrite the specific scheduled playlist on the server?
At this moment it’s only possible to save the playlist on the local pc and not to the server as far as I know when using the main software. As far as I know it’s only possible at this moment to record voicetracks this way in the database app and save the playlist to the server.
Unfortunattely, this way the use of the cartwall and possible 2nd playlist (for music beds) isn’t possible easily.

Hope it’s already hidden somewhere or else I do hope it could be a good feature request, since voivetracking is used quite often on radiostations who use volunteers.

This topic isn’t about the issue if you should do your show live instead of recorded, I understand the power of radio is better when u make live radio. But not every radiostation has the oppertunity for live shows at all times. So I hope you can have a look at this or give your toughts about this option.


To save the VT back to the database, VT must always be used from the Database window/app, “Playlist” tab. It’s currently not possible to save back playlists once they are loaded into the playout playlist.

When you open the DB window from the main playout app (green button in toolbar), and not as a standalone process from the Start Menu, you will be able to use the cartwall and second playlist during VT.

Hi Torben,

Thx for your clear answer. I tried and indeed, when opening the database window/app by clicking it from the toolbar, it works.
Maybe I do have a feature request on this. Is it possible to let the database app stay on top or make it optional to stay on top in the settings?

At this moment I have made a script in ‘auto hot key’ wich opens the db app and let it stay on top at any time, so when doing things in the database and running the normal mAirlist software, it always stays in front. .
I assume when people are working in the database, it has a higher priority then the normal mAirlist software at that specific moment. And this way you are sure the database is closed and not opened at the background when switching to the normal software.