Save Menu - dropdown

Would it be possible to have the Save dropdown button offer all the “Save As” file-types ? It would be simplier (well, from my point of view!) to have this option rather than right-click the playlist then select (for example) M3U.

I’d also like to know what playlist I’m working with when it’s open - So could the window caption change from “untitled” to the name of the playlist, please ?

I’ve added a SystemLog line in my playlist loader so I can tell from the system log what it loaded (via a script), but if I’m opening/saving manually - But it’d be nice to have the name in the “windows standard” position :wink:

Yes, I can add that - you just need to be aware that when choosing .mlp or .m3u as file type, only the data of the first playlist will be loaded or saved, while .mld files save everything including cartwall, event lists etc. (according to the settings in the config). I hope that this will not be misleading.

Yep - that’s fine, I don’t think I’ll have a problem with that. Thanks.