Same hour penalty

Hi Torben,
Do you think it’s possible to add a new penalty feature in the Mini Scheduler ?
The ‘same hour’ penalty could be a penalty to add to a track if it has been played at the samed hour within the X previous days.
So the scheduler could prefer schedule a track ‘too soon’ rather than one at the same hour than yesterday or the day before.

same request here.
however, I got around the problem a little by adding a minimum 25 hours constraint between the broadcast of the same title

We did that in a similar way. Not 25 hours but also a high number of seperation
Also I think this is only a problem with a fresh database where many new songs have the same low playcount or last played timestamp.
If you vary the artist and title seperation numbers, you should get better results I guess.
Nontheless I would like to see a similar feature, maybe even the ability to use the playcount as a choice or as asked bfore, not the date the song was planned the last time, but real playout timestamp.

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Yes it’s quite a fresh database, and I try to find the best number of tracks/number of calls/track sepration combination. But the DB will stay “new” in the way that a lot of new tracks are added and removed weekly…

Track separation can do the job on rotations like 1.5 play per week, you can put 112 hours and you have a 0,66 day offset to prevent the track be played at the same hour, but only on that week and not the following one.
On high rotations, like twice a day, if I put 8 hours track separation, nothing prevents the track can be played at same hour the following days.
Same problem with very low rotations, like 1 play every 15 days : you can’t specify a separation more than 1 week / 168 hours…