Sad news about one of our community

I just saw this today in another radio forum. I knew him as being active here and a helpful mAirList user. Sad and so young. Wanted to share the sad news.

RIP Matt Auckland.


And thanks of beeing a part of the communtiy.


R.I.P. Matt

All best wishes to his family, friends and co-workers

R.I.P. Matt

This is very sad news. Matt was always a very helpful person and a great support for the mAirList community. And almost exactly my age. Way too young.

My thoughts are with his family and friends.

That’s way to young, R. I. P Matt

Yes verry helpfull. i 've spoken him also via phone and mail. I am seeing this posting today. Been not a long time on the forum

I came across a post in this forum by Matt, via a google search,7630.msg53901.html#msg53901

saying Matt had written a guide on how to setup a linux server for shoutcast.

I was sad to hear that Matt had passed away so young from cancer. I also read that he was taking care of another member of his family after cancer had affected that person also.

I hope this doesn’t sound too in-sensitive in this thread, but does anyone have a copy of the guide for Linux that Matt wrote?

thank you