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In a older post, Torben gave us this:

[quote=“Torben, post:1, topic:7154”]Here’s a small script I wrote. It checks the RSS feed for a podcast (for example, Democracy Now) and downloads the most recent episode to a file on your hard disk.

You need at least Build 861 of mAirList 3.1.4, and curl.exe from here: (scroll to the bottom of the page for the non-SSL Win32 binary). Adjust all paths as needed.

doc: IXMLDocument;
n: IXMLNode;

doc := Factory.CreateXMLDocumentFromString(HTTPGet(‘’));
n := doc.GetDocumentElement.SelectSingleNode(’/rss/channel/item/enclosure’);
ShellExecute(‘c:\apps\curl.exe’, ‘-L -o c:\tmp\democracynow.mp3 "’ + IXMLElement(n).GetAttribute(‘url’) + ‘"’);

Any chance there would be an updated Script that would work in 4.4 or newer? That would be great.

The XML library has changed since I wrote that script. Here’s a new version works with mAirList 4.4 and 5.0:

  doc: ISXMLDocument;
  n: ISXMLNode;

  doc := Factory.CreateXMLDocumentFromString(HTTPGet(''));
  n := doc.GetDocumentElement.SelectNode('/rss/channel/item/enclosure');
  ShellExecute('c:\apps\curl.exe', '-L -o c:\tmp\democracynow.mp3 "' + n.GetAttribute('url') + '"');
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