Remote Control Stop PFL in DB App


Is it possible to stop PFL playback in the DB App by Remote control?

I use a DHD RM4200 in combination with mAirlist. I use the ‘PFL Active’ function in the DHD remote control and this works like a charm. When PFL is started the mixer switches to the specific PFL monitor channel, and when PFL is canceled on the DHD it is stopped in mAirlist. So far everything works fine. The only problem is with te DB App, when a song is played here, the DHD switches to the PFL monitor channel. So far so good, but when PFL is canceled on the DHD, the PFL in the DB App keeps playing.

I tried stopping it with ‘PFL PAUSE’ and ‘EXTRAPFL CLOSE’ but this didn’t stop the PFL playback. Am i missing something?