Remaining time & progress bar view

I asked the question few month ago but I didn’t have an answer…

Is it possible to mairlist to display remaining time (also for counter and progress bar) regarding the “start next” (or fadeout) point ?
At the moment, the mix occurs at “fade out” point, but, remaining time and progress bar keeps displaying counter and progress bar view until the real end of music file… it’s quite disturbing because I would like to know the remaining time until the begin of the next item, not the remaining time until the end of the file…

I ticked the box in configuration, but nothing’s change. Normal ?
How can I do this ? Is it possible ?

mAirListConfig -> Miscellaneous -> Options -> Misc. Options -> Regard Start Next markers as EOF

This should do the trick. If it doesn’t, it’s a bug.

It seems to work with “Fadeout”, but not with “start next” point… (which is the point I’m interested in). So… bug ?

I will have to check that. But not tonight - spent too much time restructuring the v3.0 source code today, so I think I’ll just stop thinking about mAirList for the moment :wink:

No pb Torben. I think it’s a bug. YOu will see if it is or not.

See ya.

Seems like I found the problem. Can you please try Build 533?

It’s okay Torben. The remaining time is displayed regarding the “start next” point. Great, thanks a lot.

However, during my test, I discovered something wrong… Is it correct that the minimize button will not affect the windows ? Clicking on it don’t minimize the windows…

Is it a new bug, or something old ? I don’t remember if I saw this bug before the last snapshot, but I don’t remember if I tried to minimize the windows before neither !

Bug ?

You mean the minimize button of the main window?

Exactly !