Recycle bin/History

Hi Torben I must have overlooked something here but the history is foxing me a little.

If we delete something from the player it appears in the Recycle Bin, however when we eject audio with or without playing it does not appear in the recycle bin. Still the same if we play part of a file.

Should the recycle bin not be a record of what has been played?

We’re using ( I know I should really update but everything works so fine).

Tony, I would definitely recommend upgrading to the latest version, but regardless: there are several Config options which control whether or not a track is moved to History/Recycle Bin. Some of those options may only exist in the more recent builds, so I do lose track a bit, but I would look in the individual Player config options first, then check some of the more ‘general’ options.

Sorry if that’s a bit vague but I’m at work (leaving soon, honest!) so I can’t look from here.

No doubt other folks will be along in a minute to suggest the specific options to check out.

Hope that helps meantime!


Hi Cad, updated on the test PC (home) to the latest snapshot and still the same.

There is an ever increasing myriad (sorry, could not resist) number of options, 1 of which I must be missing when configuring mairList.

Deleted items go to the history (recycle bin) but not played or ejected items from a player.

edit:Torben a new feature, would it be possible to seperate the recycle bin from the browser and position elsewhere in the layout?

Kind regards tony