Is there a way that we could add a feature so that upon hitting a hotkeya new window opens so that we can record things.

basically, upon hitting a record button a wave recorder starts. either one that could be made for mairlist or just one that we could assign it to load. e.g. press record button -> Audacity, cool edit etc loads.

Just an idea

Can already be done…

ShellExecuteHidden - not used it, but you can use scripting to execute your recording program - Just assisgn a script to a hotkey via mAirList config.

I only found 1 reference on this forum for “shell” - so there’s no example, I’m afraid - You’ll have to wait until Torben returns for help ;(

going to be a pain.

I dont really know about all this scripting stuff.

What do i need to put in where etc…