R128 on mixer

Ah, the Master Insert, yes… its seldom on broadcast mixers (the XB-14 is a “broadcast” derivative of the ZED-14).

@Tondose wrote in German about R128:

Translated automatically:

We recommend using few compression on the mic signal via insert and to keep the music loudness normalized signal unchanged.

Thats what I do, sinds I have r128
But it surprises me that most of the tracks stay at odb ore under and some others go to the edge of the db meter hitting occasionally the red (mairlist meter)
What also isn’t helping there are 4db meters and not one gives the same readout.
There is the db meter in the mixer (leds) there is a db from d&r on a tft screen. There is the meter in mairlist. And because Ulli speaks highly of the orban db meter that’s also on the system. The les and orban you can get the same (leds are adjustable) but mairlist and the tft meter go sky high on peaks.

Disable them (so did I). Go for a decent separate PPM of RTW or NTP brand or the like (so did I, too).

Play back a 0 dB (–9 dBfs) sine wave to determine (and calibrate when required) the displayed level.

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