Questin in Skin.ini file

Hi guys,

I am working around in the skin.ini file and so I have read the reference.
There is one thing i can’t find in this reference, I Hope someone can help me with this.

in [Playlist] i use “FocusedSelectionColor=#FF0000” with this function u color the selected track in Red (=hex FF0000).
Now if I do that and after that I click anywhere else in the screen except in that specific playlist… the just selected track becomes white instead of red…
Is there a way to solve this, is it possible to let the selected track stay in that specific color if i press anywere else on the screen?
I am using a dark skin and it is not nice to see the track become white.
U have to think that my screen contains 5 playlists, so it will be a bit of a messy screen like that.

Hopefully someone can help me with this…


Try this:


I had the same problem and solved it trough ad the line HideSelection=on in the first line of playlist.

UnfocusedSelectionColor is the way to go.

HideSelection will work as well, but then there will be no indication of the selected item at all when you switch focus.

Thx for the support again!
This function works well