Properties dialog

A couple of questions (as usual! :wink: ):

1: What is the purpose of the Fade duration (msec) line in the list at the top of the Properties dialog? Is it a ‘type in’ informational field, or does it specify the actual fade duration for the track when in Automation mode? I have not yet tried out this field.

2: What is intended to be typed into the Ending field? Is it free-form text, or for some other more codified purpose? What I type here seems to appear in column #5 in the Playlist, to the left of the Arrow column. Is that the intended purpose of this column in the Playlist?

Thanks again in advance.


  1. The fade duration is the time, how long the FADEOUT is working from the “fade out point” on , i think…

greetings, michi

Fade Duration is the “item specific” fade time for that audio cut… ie: a Travel/Weather Bed would need to be faded quicker than a song during a segue. The Fade Duration overrides the global fade which is set in the config program.

The End style is usually E(nd) or F(ade) - and is helpful to DJs to know how the song ends, so that they can talk over it - or let it finish. Other automation systems use this to determine which songs that can fade early to meet a time critical point (like a network news feed). The rule with that is that End songs are not cut, only Fade.

Hope that helps.