Proper Soundcard Settings in mAirlist Control Panel

Question for anyone in the Group that uses a D&R Broadcast Mixer along with mAirlist Playout Software.

What is the Correct Combo in setting up the “Playback Devices” to have mAirList play out thru my D&R AirLite MK2 Mixer?

I have tried Every combination possible with either of the Soundcards in my Computer (Motherboard Soundcard or Sound Blaster Z SE).

If I set the Playback Devices all to either Soundcard. The Board works fine as far as faders go, triggering the correct Player in mAirlist, but the Audio does not play thru the board and out to my Studio Monitors or headphones. It all plays thru the sound card.

I have also tried many different combinations in the mAirlist Control Panel.

I have set up the AirLite MK2 internal Soundcards properly and have tested and changed the name of each fader in my Windows Sound Settings and the test sound comes thru my studio monitors when the corresponding fader is on.

I’ve emailed D&R and they keep sending me the instructions for setting up each internal Soundcard on the AirLite. That is NOT the Problem, the AirLite is set up and working.

I have also Printed out the mAirlist Instructions Manual and tried each of the suggestions for possible causes and Still Nothing.

Any Help would be appreciated!

How do you come to the conclusion, that setting up the sound cards ist NOT the problem?

How did you wire up your Mixer and computer?

What do these sound cards have to do with the seup of the Airlite mixer?
Again, how is the wiring?

Please give us a screenshot of your current Audio Settings in mAirlist.