Problems with Top of the hour


Look at this, when its a new hour sometimes it plays the TOTH jingle, and sometimes it just play 1 sec of the topth jingle and jump directly to the new song. How could i make it so it really plays the TOTH jingle all the time?

If I remember correctly, you should change the last End of Hour Marker to a soft fixed time. This will result however in the last song being cut somewhere as the next TOTH kicks in. That might be better than your TOTH being skipped.

If you don’t want that, you should backtime your second block Fill with Music. But than the last song of the first Fill with Music block will be skipped somewhere. The Mini Scheduler isn’t able to fill the blocks exactly with the perfect songs to fill your entire hour.

At the moment i have end of the hour soft fixed time.
fixed time: 01:00:00, before top of the hour isnt checked.
In options the “prevent floating around this item”

Trying the solution with on end of hour to soft time it. instead of hard time it.