PLEASE bring back Alternative cue points!

Title says it all, really.

Without Alternative cue points, a lot of my existing V2.x-tagged library is useless in V3.x because the latter cannot read the MMD files correctly.

For me, Alternative cue points are an essential feature. Without them, handling live or long tracks becomes difficult if not impossible (unless I go down the path of being forced to physically eidt the files and thus have four or five different copies of the same track).

So … who do I have to sleep with to be able to use Alternative cue points in V3? (Sorry, but I don’t have any money, so it will have to be sex! And yes, I am really that serious about this!)

Thanks in advance.


Can you please try Build 599 which is currently being uploaded? Thank you.

Oooh! :-* Yes I will look forward to trying that, but it will probably not be until tomorrow night.


I was surprised how easy it was to bring back this feature using the new “cue data” concept. But once in a while you’re rewarded for a good design of your implementation :slight_smile:

Note that the XML format is not compatible with the older version, but you should be able to import existing v2.2 MMD files (I haven’t tried).