Playlist Script Error

For an incredibly simple script below, I’m getting the error “invalid number of parameters”. I’ve confused myself over something so simple!!

begin CurrentPlaylist.LoadFromFile('C:\Users\Ryan\Documents\pl1.m3u', true); end.

begin CurrentPlaylist.LoadFromFile('C:\Users\Ryan\Documents\pl1.m3u'); end.


Hmm. Well how do i go about appending a playlist to the current one? I read in another topic that the true/false boolean determines whether to append or completely reload the current playlist?..true being append.

So how would i go about loading the next hour’s playlist (append current) at around quarter to the hour?

Cheers, Ryan.

Ehm, why don’t you just use the event scheduler and the “append playlist” action?

Appending a playlist from a script is - of course - possible too. Basically you load the file into a (temporary) empty playlist first, and then append that temporary playlist to the main playlist. The exact syntax depends on the program version you’re using.

Have i totally overlooked the event scheduler?! Where is it hah! Now i’m embarrased ;). I did try to find such thing but with no luck evidently…

There should be a fairly large button labeled “Events” in your toolbar.

I can’t find this events button. I’m on V2.2.3 Build 552.

It has always been there. Perhaps it’s hidden in your layout or so.

Oh, and please understand that I cannot offer so much support for that old version anymore.

Ryan, does your layout include a ‘main’ toolbar? This should have buttons labelled New, Open, Save, Insert, Title, Delete, Events, Actions, Cartwall, and About.

If not, do you use a custom layout? If you do use a custom layout, and no toolbar is showing, add the lines below to the start of your layout.ini file to make it appear:


(Obviously you can adjust this later if the position is ‘wrong.’)


Hi Cad.

The events doesn’t seem to be showing, however currently showing in the toolbar is the following:

New, Open, Save, Insert, Title, Actions, Cartwall, About.

No events :-\

Also look in skin.ini as there should be a [Toolbar] section which allows you to turn various buttons on/off :slight_smile:

Good point, Charlie! I don’t have that section in my skin.ini (because I like to see all the buttons).

Ryan: Of course, the other way to open the Event Scheduler window is from the Playlist toolbar, assuming you have that showing? Click the (empty) box immediately to the right of the letter E.



Simple as that it was. I don’t know why it was like you mentioned Charlie in skin.ini. It was indeed ‘off’.

Successfully working now. And Cad, i’ve always wondered what that blank box did!

Cheers guys.

Once you have one or more events set up, the ‘E box’ (E=Events, geddit?) will display the ETA of the next scheduled event.