Playlist loop

I want to be able to load a playlist and leave it running but at the end all comes to a stop why???

I Think this software is made to play a playlist to its end then “Rotate to a new” playlist.

What you can do is set a 24 Hour event att every hour insert playlist. This will make that playlist play without stopping.

Did i get your question wrong?


Not enough music in a playlist, consider the playlist a clock hour. At the end you need to load another hour.

Alternately a playlist could contain for instance 100 items and under config set the playlist not to remove played items.
You can then set the last track to rotate the playlist by running a script. A suitable script can be found in the script forum.

Note that once you randomise the playlist the track with the script attached will appear at a different point, everytime this track is reached the playlist will get rotated into a random order. An endless playlist.