Playlist cleanup

As we often hav some “extra” items left from hours before on list, is it possible before loading a list with some important shows to be played to cleanup existing items (leftovers) on playlist?

Hi @fpavic ,

there are two ways to load a playlist - one of it may fit your needs:

  1. “Append playlist” will load the playlist and ATTACH (append) it to the last item of the current playlist window
  2. “Load into playlist” will load the playlist and REPLACE every item in the recent playlist window including leftovers and played / marked as played elements

Screenshot 2022-10-23 101848

If you want a clean playlist window use the second option to add the new list with shows.

By the way:

You can configure how many items mAirlist will display in the upper area after they were played or executed (“playlist history”).

Did you set THIS option to reduce the “special elements”?

It’s also possible to mark “non-playable” special elements as “played” in ASSIST-mode and to move them into the playlist history to be deleted automatically (green marker).

When set the checkmark in the red marker accordingly they will be moved from the playlist history into the Recycle Bin too where you could get them back if needed…

I know how to load items to playlist… i asked how to CLEAN THEM / REMOVE existing items in some time…

I didn’t talk about ITEMS but whole playlists. And there’s a way to clean the playlist before doing it. Automatically when you load a new playlist.

Or just CTRL-A all items in the playlist and press the DEL button before loading a new playlist. :wink:

Originally you asked

But I answered how to remove items “by time” in the second part too.

So, this is the case. We are operating on prewritten playlist which appends to a playlist every :35. Our station from midnight till 06:59 broadcast only domestic music, and we have a playlist for this.

But, the problem is - the playlists from 07:00 till 23:59 have a few songs “leftovers” in every hour so our prewritten playlist last until like 01:40. That’s why I need a solution how to clean existing songs on the list at 23:58 and load list for next hour, so from midnight new playlist starts to play.

More or less :slight_smile:

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Easy solution: In the event at 23:58 just change the action to

I wrote that for a reason… :wink:

This will remove ALL items and leftovers in the playlist and add the following playlist for the night. Unlike the “Append Playlist” command that just leave everything in the playlist.

Another question is why you don’t limit the leftovers like I described above. Isn’t that a massive disturbance for every DJ to have elements from more than 12 hours on top of the list? :smiling_face: